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Brief history of Shakespeare's life

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We are already in April, the month of the World Book Day, a worldwide celebration of books and
reading. The date chosen, 23rd of April , corresponds to the anniversary of the death of William
Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes, two the greatest literary men of two of the most spoken
languages in the world, English and Spanish. This is also St. George's Day, Aragon's patron saint
and in Catalonia it is also the Day of the Rose, on which people have the pretty custom of giving
away a book and a rose.

This year we are going to celebrate this month by taking a closer look at William Shakespeare, the
greatest English poet and playwright and author of universal characters like Hamlet, love stories such
as Romeo and Juliet and creator of many of the words and expressions used in everyday English
Shakespeare trascended his time and home country because of the universality of his
themes appealing to human feelings and emotions. As Ben Jonson, Shakespeare's contemporary
playwright, once defined him, "He was not of an age, but for all times"

Click on the image to read a brief history of Shakespeare's life


After reading Shakespeare's details of his life, take part in the following Shakespearean quiz,
answer the following questions related to Shakespeare's life and works. Do not forget to type your name and class. The winner will be the pupil who gets the most questions right. In case of a
draw, the winner will be the one who answered earlier in time.
Deadline : 20th of April
Good luck!

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