miércoles, 27 de mayo de 2015

Le Petit Prince en français

Voici la bande annonce de Le Petit Prince, un film qui va sortir en salle le 29 Juillet (on peut la regarder avec des sous-titres en cliquant le symbol “configuration> sous-titres” sur youtube)


miércoles, 20 de mayo de 2015

Talking about Superstitions in 2 ESO

                                                          source: www.itespresso.es

With 2 years ESO we are dealing with the supernatural and the most popular superstitions.

Why do people believe in this kind of things?

What are people afraid of?

What are fortune-tellers? What ways are used to tell people's fortune?


domingo, 17 de mayo de 2015

¡Somos ganadores en los premios espiral edublogs!

We have overcome another difficult stage in the competition...We already have a spinning top   
on June 13 we will know its colour...gold, silver or bronze

     Click here to know the winners in the different categories of the competition


jueves, 14 de mayo de 2015

Social science newspaper for our class

We are going to make a newspaper with 3 year ESO D and diversificación !!!!!
First of all we need to decide on the newspaper's name. Make your proposal here
The one with the most votes will be our newspaper's name.

  1. Demografía / Demography
  2. Organización política de los estados/ Political organization of states
  1. Título: elegir un título para el diario (Todos los miembros deben hacer su propuesta, puedes añadirla aquí)
    Name: choose a name for the newspaper ( all the members can make their proposal, you can add it here)
  2. Secciones temática del periódico: son las categorías que clasifican temáticamente los artículos y todo el contenido del periódico.
    Thematic sections of the newspaper: those theme categories of the articles and contents of the newspaper.
  3. Grupo de redactores jefes (3-4 alumnos)
    Group of editors in chief ( 3-4 pupils)
    1. Seleccionar contenidos para después elaborar los artículos
      Select contents for the articles
    2. Diseño de portada
      Front page design
    3. Correctores de redacción
      Writing correctors
    4. Artículo de presentación del periódico.
      Newpaper's presentation article
  4. Periodistas (16 alumnos) Journalists ( 16 pupils)
    1. Proponer temáticas para elaborar los artículos
      Propose themes for the articles
    2. Documentarse e informarse en fuentes fiables, críticas y contrastables
      Get information from reliable,critical and verifiable sources.
    3. Crear borradores para que sean supervisados y corregidos por los redactores jefes
      Make drafts to be supervised and corrected by editors in chief.
    4. Redactar artículos de noticias de interés con objetividad.
      Write news articles con objetivity
    5. Realizar entrevistas
      Make interviews.
    6. Escribir artículos de opinión mostrando el punto de vista del periodista
      Write opinion articles showing the journalist's viewpoint on the subject
    7. Seleccionar documentación gráfica para ilustrar los artículos
      Select graphic documentation to illustrate the articles
  5. Sección de pasatiempos (4 alumnos) Pastimes Section
    1. Elaborar con la herramienta online Educaplay pasatiempos relacionados con la temática del periódico (Crucigrama, Sopa de letras, Ordenar letras, Adivinanzas,...) para incrustar en el periódico.
      Using the online tool Educaplay elaborate pastimes related to the newspaper themes ( crosswords, riddles, wordsearch, unjumble letters to make words etc) to be embedded on the newspaper.

  1. Portada/ Frontpage:
    1. Artículos de noticias (de 8 a 10)
      News articles
    2. Artículos de opinión (de 4 a 6)
      Opinion articles
    3. Entrevistas (de 2 a 3)
    4. Pasatiempos (de 4 a 6)
  2. Formato y extensión del artículo
    Format and extension of each article
    1. Titular, subtítulo
      Headline , subtitle
    2. Entradilla: resumen del contenido (350-450 caracteres con espacios)
      Lead/ opening paragraph : summary of the news ( 350-450 characters inclusing spaces)
    3. Cuerpo: desarrollo extenso de la noticia (1400-1900 caracteres con espacios)
      Body: development of the news ( 1400-1900 characters with spaces)
    4. Imagen o imágenes: calidad web de 200*200 píxeles
      Image(s): web quality 200 * 200 pixels

lunes, 11 de mayo de 2015

Microfiction stories about Books


Here you can read a selection of some of the best microfiction stories that go in for the writing contest. Soon we will we know the winner of the contest,  the decision won't be easy though.

domingo, 10 de mayo de 2015

"Origami" animated video

I would like to show you this pretty little work of art created in  2012 by Joanne Smithies, Eric De Melo Bueno, Michael Moreno, Hugo Bailly Desmarchelier y Camille Turon, students at ESMA,  Ecole Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques.

As Gonzalo Carretero comments on his blog Educación y Medios Audiovisuales, this  video poses several important values and concepts for education such as the importance of traditions, the respect for the elderly , the beauty that can be created with our hands, the need of determination and effort, the importance of imagination in a technological world.

I hope you enjoy it

                    Origami (2012) from ESMA MOVIES on Vimeo.

Ayudas para el programa de inmersión lingüística en el extranjero 4 ESO

Aquí os dejo el enlace de las bases de participación en el Programa de Inmersión lingüística en el extranjero ( EE.UU o Canada) para los alumnos de 4º de la ESO 2015.

La actividad tendrá lugar "durante el mes de septiembre", pero debido a los calendarios escolares de los países de destino, la estancia podría comenzar en la última semana de agosto o finalizar en la primera semana de octubre.

Plazo de presentación de solicitudes: 25/05/15

La solicitud se encuentra disponible en el siguiente servidor


An emoji crush story

The aim of the following video is to raise people's consciousness about the dangers of using smartphones while driving which cause a soaring number of victims in fatal car crashes. The video has been made by OVK, the Belgium association of road victims.

Can you put in words the story expressed through emojis?

What other "risky uses of mobile phones"  should we avoid ?  Would tou be able to express it through emojis? 


sábado, 9 de mayo de 2015

Aragonese Mathematical Olimpiad

The Mathematics competition for High School Students has been held and 106 students have classified among them there are Andrea Paola García Céspedes and Angel Custodio García de León from our school. Well-done!!


Congratulations and Good luck!!!!



Conservative's victory at 2015 UK election

David Cameron’s Conservatives win UK elections with absolute majority

"We can make Great Britain greater still", promises David Cameron in his victory speech at the 2015 elections.

The results caused the resignation of three biggest losing parties Labour’s Ed Miliband, the Liberal Democrats’ Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage of UKIP.
The other winner is Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the Scottish National Party who has stated 
" Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined we’d win 56 out of Scotland’s 59 MPs".

Conservative victory  presents a challenge to the EU as David Cameron has promised a referendum over the continuation in the union for 2017.

9 May Europe Day 2015

Every 9 May Europe celebrates " unity and peace" on Europe Day.
Why a Europe Day?
The date marks the anniversary of the historical "Schuman Declaration". At a speech in Paris in 1950, the French foreign minister, Robert Schuman, set out his idea for a new form of political cooperation in Europe, which would make war between Europe’s nations unthinkable.

Click on the image to see the celebration of this big festival.

                     Source:  http://europa.eu/about-eu/basic-information/symbols/europe-day/index_en.htm

viernes, 8 de mayo de 2015

Madrid's trip videos

3rd years ES0 went to Madrid on a three-day school trip. Here you have some videos and presentations of the main activities they did.

For a complete information in English about Madrid click here 

                         Madrid. Julia, Nuria y Guayén from Isabel Mariñosa Vela on Vimeo.




Obsolete Objects

Nowadays current technology is advancing so fast that lots of object that we used to be very popular in the past have fallen into disuse. Younger generations are not familiar with old-fashioned objects such as fax machine, rotary telephone, typewriter, quill, floppy disk , instant camera, radio receiver , compact casette or the phonograph.

Ask your parents or grandparents about these or other archaic objects. Does your family keep any of these objects? Have you ever used any of these antique objects?

Read about the museum of obsolete objects, a very interesting catalog of videos of outmoded artefacts.



jueves, 7 de mayo de 2015

Finalistas del IX Premio Espiral Edublogs 2015

ImageChef.comPor primera vez hemos participado en el Premio Espiral Edublogs. Hace tres años que inicié mi experiencia con blogs en un grupo de trabajo que hicimos en el instituto, y descubrí esta genial herramienta con gran potencial educativo.Todavía me queda mucho por aprender, imprescindible y necesario en el proceso de enseñanza de todo docente.
Hace unos meses leí la convocatoria de estos premios por casualidad y decidí tomar como un reto nuestra participación en él, como motivación e incentivo para mejorar y continuar aprendiendo en este apasionante mundo de la blogosfera.
Fueron duras semanas de trabajo pero a la vez muy motivadoras y creativas.
Ser finalista ahora y haber competido con proyectos de tanta calidad me llena de satisfacción además de agradecimiento a Espiral Edublogs, y especialmente a todos los compañeros y alumnos que habéis hecho posible llegar hasta aquí.

miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2015

Be inventive!

This is one of my favourite activities, inventions are a great topic because it  awakes pupils' creativity and imagination as well as practising their writing. Firstly we do an oral presentation of the theme and focus on original and useful gadgets as well as great inventions along history.

The next stage is for the pupils to make up their own invention, no matter how silly and absurd may seem, the important thing is to describe the gadget and its main functions and purposes in English.

Every year I have a good laugh at the projects as some of them are really fantastic and great fun to read.