Learning a foreign language is a difficult process and involves more than attending some weekly formal lessons in a classroom, or doing lots of grammar and vocabulary exercises proposed by a teacher or classbook.
In order to really learn a foreign language and become communicatively competent in it, you must become an active agent of your own learning process. First you must be exposed to as much input as possible, and also find opportunities to use English in real situations of communication. 


On a monthly report, pupils will describe the activities they have done outside the classroom in order to improve their English. 
There is a wide variety of activities such as listening to songs, watching TV, videos, visiting museums, attending to conferences, talks, concerts, plays, reading books, surfing the net, visiting the school English department’s blogs, talking to tourists, listening to tourist guides etc.
This activity is not obligatory for pupils; it is optional as you will do it during your free time.
Nevertheless, if you decide to do it, you will get a bonus in your final mark as you have shown you have worked hard and you have interest in learning and improving English, which is one of our main objectives. 


-       To improve pupils’ communicative competence in English.
-       To make them aware of the importance of English in today’s society
-       To make pupils active agents in their own learning process.
-       To encourage pupils to use English in real situations of communication.
-       To make pupils aware of the importance of bringing the learning process outside the classroom.
-       To foster pupils’ autonomy in the learning process.


PUPIL’S NAME:__________________________________________CLASS: ________

MONTH:_____________________ SCHOOL YEAR

Mark the task you have done over the last month
·         Listening  to and reading  songs’ lyrics
·         Watching  TV programmes, films, plays, videos etc.
·         Reading books, leaflets, comics
·         Surfing the net, visiting blogs (school’s blogs: iesutebo2ing.blogspot.com; latorredebabelutebo.blogspot.com)
·         Attending  conferences, talks , tourist guides etc.
·         Take part in conversations
·         Others: _______________________________________________

  • TASK 1 ( WHAT IS IT?): ___________________________________________
  • DESCRIPTION  : Describe briefly what you did and your opinion about it. ( did you like it? What did you learn?...)

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