miércoles, 1 de abril de 2015

April Fool's Day

  On the 1st day of April people play prank on each other and the victims of these pranks are called
  April Fools.This custom of  is very ancient, Chaucer already mentioned it in his Canterbury Tales
 ( 1392) and popular everywhere. In France this day is known as poisson d’avril ( April fish).

   In Spain the equivalent day is celebrated on the 28th of December, but it has a more religious
   tradition as it is a Christian celebration called "Day of the Holy Innocents"- the innocent
  ( or"gullible") is the victim of the pranks.

   Watch a hilarious prank played by a student on her teacher in the classroom.The teacher
   made them turn the speakers on when their mobile phones rang during the class, and this is what

   Happy Fools' Day!!!


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