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Microfiction contest winners

We are delighted to announce the three pupils going for the final in the Microfiction Contest 2015 organised by the English Department for the high school's Book Day.

On the 24th of June we will reveal the name of the winner who will receive an award of an Fnac purchase card.

All the contestants will be given a little present as a reminder of their participation in the contest.

                   THEIR LIVES' BOOK

                     "They looked into their eyes, in their hands they had the book of their history, the
                    history of their lives. Both were afraid of what was written, but they should 
                    carry on. They thought it was time to open it and read it, but they did not
                    like the end, so they decided to rewrite it. "

                                                                              Guayén Guarido Sanagustín ( 3 ESO D)

                                                                        THE BOOK

                  "There was a book.  The book lived in a library because he had a dream,
                 reading a book, but he couldn't do it because he was a book!. 
                 One day he decided to place opposite a mirror and read himself. 
                 At the end of the book he died. His dream had come true."

                                                                                         Jorge Pargada ( 2 ESO E )


                "Running under the rain, a boy was trying to hide an enormous codex, 
                 when suddenly it cover started shining in a blue energy. He felt something cold
                 at his nape, and heard the sound of a shot, which made him violently wake up,
                 inside a completely dark hole. The boy punched the ground angrily, and his fist
                 shined in the same blue energy."
                                                                Violeta Soler Ramos ( 4 ESO C)
 Congratulations ! It was a difficult decision because all the participants handed  in        splendid stories.

 Contestants receiving a high school's reminder for participation in this and other pole    activities:

              Marta Mº Peiró Sánchez, 1 A
              David Aller Moreno, 1 A
              Lucía Jimeno Gracia, 1 A
              Pablo Ortíz Cuartero , 1 D
              Adrián Hidalgo Apolo, 1 D
              Ioanna Duti, 1 D
              Nacho González Mimbiela, 1 E
              Tanatiuh Lorenzo Castillo, 1 E
              Miguel Gimeno, 1 C 
              María García de Vicente, 1 C
              Vera Cajal, 1 C
              Alba Peñas Giménez Ferreira, 2 A
              Catarina García Ferreira, 2 A 
              Diana Munteanu, 2 E
              Angel García de León, 2 E
              Paula Martín , 2 D
              María  Mei Martínez, 2 D
              Andrea P. García, 2 E
              Claudia Font, 2 C
              Pilar Baraza, 2 C
              Inés Alvarez, 2 C
              Matías Fernández, 2 C
             Julia Gracia, 3 D
              Irene Cobos, 4 B
              Nerea Royo, 4 diver
              Alejandro Riaño, 4 diver
              Manuel Carbó, 1 Bachillerato
              Noemí Berges, 2 Bachillerato


         The final decision was very difficult due to  the quality and imagination of the stories presented. Nevertheless, there was one story that really impressed us. 


        The first prize was for Jorge Pargada and we made bookmarkers for all the contestants and winners with the story printed on them. Well-done Jorge, Violeta and Guayén, second and third prizes! and congratulations to all the contestants and thank you for your participation !                    

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