jueves, 25 de junio de 2015

Best summer homework ever


This is the end of the school year, and before we all start our deserved holidays, I would like you to read the original homework handed in to pupils by an Italian teacher.

It is the list of things his pupils must do for the summer.

1- In the morning, now and then, walk by yourself along the seashore.Look at how the sun reflects on the water, thinking of the things you like best in life and feel happy.

2- Try to use all the new words you have learnt this year. You will be able to say more things, you will think about more things, and the more you think, the freer you will feel.

3-Read as much as posible. No because you have to. Read because the summer inspires you adventures and dreams. By reading, you will feel as the birds flying. Read because it is the best form of rebellion.

4-Avoid all the things, situations and people that make you feel negative and empty.Look for stimulating situations and friends that appreciate and understand you for being who you are.

5- If you feel sad and scared, don't worry. The summer, as all the big things, disrupts your soul. Try to write a diary where you can write about your feelings ( and in September, if you like, we can read it together)

6- Dance, without feeling embarrassed.On the street, near your house or in your bedroom. Summer is a dance. It would be a pity not to take part of it.

7- At least once, you have to see the dawn. Stand there quiet and breathe. Close your eyes, grateful.
8-Do a lot of sport.

9-If you like a person a lot, tell him/ her with all the sincerity and grace you are able to. It doesn't matter whether he/she understands it or not. If it is not mutual, then it wasn't foreseen that he /she would be part of your destiny. On the contrary, the 2015 summer is a great oportunity to walk together ( if it does not work, go back to point 8)

10- Remember what you have learnt at high school and revise your notes

11-Be happy as the sun, untameable as the sea.

12-Don't use foul language. Be always extremely polite and kind.

13- Enjoy movies with emotive dialogues, above all in English. This will help you improve your linguistic skills and your chances to dream. Don't let a movie finish with the credits. Live the experience throughout the summer.

14- At daytime and at night, dream about what your life could be like.During the summer, gather strength not to give in and do your best to pursue that dream.

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