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Irish Music: Whiskey in the Jar: one song, two styles

Traditional Irish music is known through the world and has become an important element of Ireland's cultural identity. It belongs to an oral tradition and its origin can be traced to almost thousands years ago, when the Celts arrived in Ireland.The harp, Ireland's symbol, is the best-known of Irish traditional musical instrument.
Over the time, Irish traditional music has developed and evolved into new forms, updating to the present times and mingling with other styles and rhythms.
Yet music is still a central element is social events. Irish music enthusiasts gather at a pub to play and drink beer.

                                                              source: wikipedia.org

One of the best-known traditional Irish song is "Whiskey in the Jar".
Watch at these two videos: the traditional style played by the Irish folk band "The Dubliners" and the adaptation of the same song made by Metallica.
Compare : general style and rhythm, musical instruments , audience, setting.
Which do you prefer? Why?



Here you have the lyrics, what story does the song tell? Retell the story using your own words.

Whiskey Jar Chart by Amanda Caldwell

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  1. Great rock. Another good song of Irish rock by Los infiltrados

    1. Thank you!! Irish traditional music is is played in many different styles, pop, hard rock, ballads ...thank you for your comment!