lunes, 23 de marzo de 2015

Ireland in the movies: Leap Year

It is not difficult to find a movie depicting particular aspects of Irish reality, many of which have been based on successful novels written by popular and acknowledged writers like James Joyce or Roddy Doyle.
There are lots of movies set in Ireland dealing with varied recurrent Irish themes like social evils-"Angela's Ashes" ( based on homonymous novel by Frank McCourt) -the Northern  political conflict,  the so-called The Troubles -"Hidden Agenda" or "In the Name of the Father", easy-going crazy character of Irish people -"The Commitments o The Snapper", or deep rural traditional Ireland -"The field".

                                                                 source: wikipedia

For our cinema session we have chosen Leap Year, a 2010 American romantic comedy film directed by Anand Tucker. The film is about a woman who heads to Ireland to ask her boyfriend to accept her wedding proposal on leap day , when tradition supposedly holds that men cannot refuse a woman's proposal for marriage. Her plans are interrupted by a series of increasingly unlikely events and are further complicated when she hires a handsome innkeeper to take her to her boyfriend in Dublin.
                                                                                                           source: wikipedia


  • What is  "leap year"? 
  • What can  women do on leap days according to Irish tradition? 
    • What sociocultural aspects of Ireland are depicted in the movie? 
    •  What is the stereotype of an Irish person?

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    1. Thanks for suggesting this movie. It seems really interesting to work with in class.

    2. I liked this film very much, Angel , 1 Bach