martes, 8 de abril de 2014

English Theatre


Not One of Us
Not One of Us is a comic play about a not so funny situation – intolerance towards others. Jack is a new boy at school and he is odd. There’s no getting away from it. He is unusual, not like the other kids. He thinks differently, has a different cultural base. His clothes are far from fashionable and his values don’t really fit in.
Not One of Us looks at Jack’s first week at school and how two different cultures (Jack’s and everybody else’s) clash and how they try to work things out.
We really enjoyed the performance, it was very professional and we had fun as some of our pupils took part in it and became great actors. There was a lot of music and singing, which made it very motivating for pupils.
It was a good listening practice as the actors were native speakers and the play meant to teach serious values such as tolerance, respect for diversity and friendship. Here you have some photos of the performance.

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